Régis aka Monsieur Paparazzo is an Alsatian photographer. His work originates in a deep fascination with how the construction of identities shapes the lives of individuals and communities. It unfolds in a 25 years long journey trying to document this construction through portrait photography. 

Régis was born in 1980 in Alsace. He grew up in a village close to the German border. Most of his neighbours worked long hours in German factories and only came back to sleep. Their absence shaped the lack of social cohesion and of a sense of belonging to the village. Young Régis went to search for his own identity in Strasbourg, where he studied visual communication and art direction. There, and in later stays in Geneva and Brussels, he discovered that his own experience had granted him a special perspective on mainstream and alternative identities. This perspective is what he would like to share with the viewer through his portraits. 

Régis shoots staged-portrait photography and people centered stories and reportages. He does so in the context of personal researches, for the press and for corporate clients. 

Most of his personal researches have rotated around one question: how do inequalities shape the construction of individual and group identities? Across the years, he has explored this in different ways. He has accompanied the encounter between refugees and volunteers that were supporting them. He has spent time with young migrants stranded in Calais. He has gained the trust of a Roma community living in the banlieu of Strasbourg. And he has continued to query his old neighbours in the village where he was born. The resulting pictures are a kaleidoscope of the many ways in which the search of human identities can unfold.

As a press photographer, Régis has created editorial portraits for French and international media such as Amnesty International (NL), Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Financial Times, Les Echos, le Point, l’Humanité, Reporters Economiques Associés … 

Corporate clients include :  British Chamber of Commerce of Belgium, Carré Noir, Eurométropole of Strasbourg, FM Logistique, HEAR, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HIMSS-Europe, Mazars Société d’Avocats, Neinver, Publicis-Activ, Sofitel, University of Strasbourg...

Text Credit: Irène Schoefberger

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